Politica di Peer Review

Ponte journal uses a system for the selection of articles based on the "peer review" policy.
This article selection and revision system consists of the judgment carried out anonymously by at least two reviewers who are not allowed to know the identity of the author of the article being assessed.
The aim is to ensure that authors adapt to the best quality standards of the sector and to the requirements of the journal.
Members of the Editorial Board of Ponte are by right part of the reviewers council and can in turn submit applications for external reviewers. These applications will be evaluated by the Management Team of the journal.
To apply as an external reviewer is necessary to send, by e-mail to the Management Team, the curriculum vitae with particular reference to the scientific field of competence.
For each paper received, the reviewers are required to fill out an evaluation form, provided by the Management Team, including evaluation parameters based on standardized criteria:
- originality;
- innovation;
- technical content;
- clarity;
- relevance to the topics covered by the journal.
This evaluation form must be sent to the Management Team no later than ten days after receiving the article.
Once evaluated, the paper can be:
- published;
- published with some modifications clearly recommended by the reviewer;
- not published.
The Management Team of the journal reserves to ask authors to adapt the proposed papers to reference standards before acquiring the opinion of the reviewers.

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